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Found in 2017 with the vision of becoming a real “Made in Hong Kong” design agency, Blackmoon transforms great stories into powerful brands. Our team offers a creative, affordable and bespoke approach to logo and brand identity design for everybody, established and start-up businesses.  We work with clients who value visual stories and want to be noticed and remembered – to create a design that inspires curiosity, builds connection and boosts customer loyalty. 

黑弦是一家來自香港的平面設計工作室,為本地品牌及初創企業提供價格相廉的專業設計識別服務。 我們的設計範疇包括商標設計、品牌識別、包裝及產品設計設計、展覽活動及出版宣傳刊物,以及網頁或社交媒體形象塑造。我們希望將每一個創業者背後的理念、願景和故事故事傳達大眾,令更多人能夠認識到香港品牌的魅力,面向世界能提升競爭力。好的品牌識別系統能夠將品牌願景實現,芸芸競爭中我們幫你放大你的優勢、突顯你的核心靈魂,創造出更優質的商業價值。

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Brand identity
Graphic design
Invitation Card

Art direction
Editorial Design
Menu and Signage

Letterpress Printing
Social Media Assets
Responsive web

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